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Ori and the will of the wisps

Ori WOTW is a critically acclaimed piece you may have heard of. And yes, we were lucky to be a part of this platformer with an all-new adventure in a vast, exotic but beautiful world.

Since the Ori WoTW has a Unity engine at its core, our task was to help integrate instruments or tool-sets that could facilitate the work of designers and art producers.

Before all, we designed an Art-optimization tool-set. With it, the developers could reduce the time of the rendering process and automate the assessment of the objects and assets. Imagine every tree, every stone that required reviewing before editing.

With our tool, the Ori WOWTV designer could automate the analysis process and define which elements make the game "heavier". If not for this art optimization, the development would have taken hundreds or even thousands of hours.

Simultaneously, our team produced the instrument offering telemetry. It helped to measure how smooth the game can run on various platforms. Having data on FPS, frame time, GPU and CPU time, developers could identify performance issues and fix them.

Looking at the game, we are sure that the tool-sets Stan's Assets designed helped the game to become so rich and smooth.

Tin Hearts 2

Tin Hearts 2 is a fantastic puzzle game that should soon be released on 11 platforms. Just imagine the difference between Oculus Rift and Nintendo Switch, the hardware performance, input system (VR/non-VR), platform requirements. Thus, our partners needed a universal solution to deploy a cross-platform project. That's why we got a critical mission - make a cutting edge Build System, keeping in-game content as a single instance and allowing art designers to use the same methods irrespective of the target platform.

How did we make it? Stan's Assets improved the objects' set up in scenes and inserted additional build steps to manage in-game content for different platform builds. Besides, we modernized CI/CD flow to produce automatic builds.

Thanks to these steps, the project developers got a chance to deploy builds to and implement in-game content updates onto different platforms simultaneously. That was the way to ensure that the quality of art meets the high expectations and maximum performance requirements.

Stickman Trials

What is Stickman Trials? It is a game we made and are proud of. Once, when we were working on the Space Monkey game, the team came up with the idea, "What if the main character rides a bike?".

Long story short, we decided to create it. So after writing a couple of scenes, Stan's Assets published them in the store. In the beginning, we just wanted to get feedback from our friends, to know whether they would be interested in playing such a game or not.

What was the surprise when we saw that, except our friends, hundreds of ordinary users downloaded it, rating us with 5-stars! So this is how the story of the Stickman Trials began, a spontaneous idea that came true.

Today, it is an incredible bike simulator with realistic physics that offers racing mountain bikes, BMX, motorcycles, pit bikes, mopeds, and other two-wheeled rides. In addition, it provides extreme driving and freerides options, combining downhill and stunt rides on amazing detailed vehicles.

What was the primary factor for producing the game? Our passion for graphics solutions, game physics, and detailed customization. We just focused on details and enjoyed what we did.

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