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Ultimate mobile pro

Ultimate Mobile Pro contains Stan's Assets best mobile native plugins inside wrapped with powerful unified API. It's advanced plugin that completely redefines how you work with mobile native features.

android native pro

Android Native Pro takes implementation of the mobile nature features to the next level with a great designed code. It contains a bunch of most popular features for Android platform.

ios native pro

IOS Native Pro takes higher level approach, offering an intuitive scripts structure with flexible ios codebase. This actually empowers programmers to create more quickly and efficiently.

After effects importer

After Effects Importer is a plugin to import animation from Adobe After Effect to your Unity project.

Drag Racing Club

Drag Racing Club is a super editable example 3D cars game & toolkit that lets you create your own game with your own cars.

Android Manifest manager

Android Manifest Manager allows user to easily manage Android Manifest. For advanced developers, extension offers C# API which will allow you to work with the manifest using Unity C# scripting

Scene Validator

Scene Validator provides fantastic ability to create a lots of different rules based on components and scene context. It will raise warning or errors right in the hierarchy encouraging you to fix it.

Google analytics SDK

Google Analytics SDK includes all power of Google analytics. It has clean implementation of Measurement Protocol and one line examples inside.

IOS Deploy

iOS Deploy allows you add an additional params to the Xcode project on unity building phase. Forget about manually adding some flags or frameworks to your project forever!

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