Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Inside Mobile App Development Services

Stan’s Assets from KAPPS are the adherents of a flexible approach to app creation service. Our team can operate autonomously or be included in the client’s development or art team. In case of need, we also share management responsibilities, collaborating with other teams. We consult on a better tech stack and project specifications they want to add.

Stan’s Assets outsource mobile app development, in comparison to standalone development, implies the following features:

  • highly responsive and flexible UI design;
  • regular performance optimization for mobile devices;
  • streamline delivery of production and test builds;
  • scrutinous testing on various mobile devices to make sure the app/game performs flawlessly.

Stan’s Assets App Creation Service

Outsource mobile app development to Stan’s Assets from KAPPS team, because we create various types of mobile games and apps:

  • get a full-fledged and well-designed VR/AR/ adapted product;
  • a cost-effective and time-saving mobile application development services;
  • cross platform mobile app development, guaranteeing the top-notch responsiveness;
  • the app or game that needs to use the 3D content ;
  • the mixed reality applications with high-quality graphics and detalization;
  • full-cycle mobile app development services and transparency on each stage.




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Stages of Mobile App Creation

01 Estimation
The first stage implies the estimation of the project, subsequent task decomposition that is fulfilled by specifying further iterations. The team mostly focuses on prioritized aims and nuances of implementing requirements. At this stage, we also handle red zones management to predict and prevent possible risks.
02 Development planning
In the second stage, we create the project’s milestones, elaborate development stages, and set the key points for product testing.
03 Prototyping
The following step is prototyping when our team creates the project’s prototype with varying degrees of fidelity to implement the main concepts and test the app/game. This stage is required to refine and validate the future product. Here, in case of need, we can provide R&D prototypes to make the project more vivid and obvious for the client.
04 MVC
The last stage is applying the Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework to guarantee the product’s scalability. At the final release stage, we present the fully ready app/game to the client.

Why to Choose Stan’s Assets for Outsource Mobile App Development

Stan’s Assets from KAPPS is always by your side and do their best to guarantee you the same app creation service experience as you would have in-house. And some more reasons:

No need to interview and hire production team

We understand the brightest sides of our team members and are aware of their area of expertise, so it’s easier to distribute the tasks properly and achieve the required result.

We have developers, game designers, testers, and other IT specialists having the required level of knowledge and skills.

Stan’s Assets from KAPPS has a long experience in cross platform mobile app development, and during these years, we built a close-knit and solid team. The process organization and communication is flawless, and it guarantees effective cooperation and timely completion of your project.

Higher level of control

When the clients outsource mobile app development, they can be sure the team will inform them about each step. Stan’s Assets from KAPPS take care of everything on each stage: deadlines, milestones, results. In the case of direct hiring, the client also has the opportunity to evaluate progress, still, everything will have to be done on its own.

If you outsource mobile app development, the chances that the project will be completed in time are higher because the planning process is more effortless. Also, if you all of a sudden feel the need to increase engineering capabilities during the app creation process or implement another solution, Stan’s Assets will take the necessary measures fast, involving as many developers as possible.

Top-notch app creation service expertise

Stan’s Assets from KAPPS has any software and hardware necessary for providing mobile app development services and guaranteeing your iOS or Android game will be released smoothly. Our team provides extensive technical capabilities and skills. The engineers from Stan’s Assets are capable of eliminating any type of mistakes and implementing effective development solutions.

Forget about the need to invest extra costs in further app maintenance or bug fixing — outsource your mobile app, and we will take care of it.

Finally, you don’t have to worry if the people you hire have enough level of expertise to handle the project’s challenges.

Quality is a primary responsibility

Avoid stress that accompanies the business organization procedure. When you choose Stan’s Assets from KAPPS, you forget about spending money and time to find coders and designers for your project.

Our team guarantees the high quality of the end result and: the product released before the deadline with less problems for you; affordable mobile app development that meets the budget limits; time-saving mobile app development services and transparency on each development stage; the team of qualified developers who write clean code that any developer can work with afterward.

Everything you need to do here is focus on the product and let us do the rest.

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