Roomful is a 3D space to make virtual expos, conferences, museums, and everything you can imagine. It runs on any browser or smartphone with high-end 3D graphics quality. Application uses cutting-edge Unity technologies to give the best experience for customers.

Challenge Result
Design application architecture modularity to have a configuration ability for any special purpose Made a package-based and asmdef-based application that allows easily control dependencies between modules and properly include/exclude for builds
Build a platform with dynamically created environment Application builds from Asset Bundles content which user can download and upload automatically. For example, make a custom animated furniture, upload it to Roomful, place it at special environment and make a nice demo for everybody
Bring sociality to unite users and let them collaborate efficiently Users in Roomful can make conversations, video calls, make presentations with screen sharing, leave comments under content etc
Make the best possible WebGL visuals for dynamic environment We made a tool called “Visualizer”. Visualizer allows to use high-quality baked lighting for dynamically downloadable environments and objects. It makes application look photorealistic

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