Game Development Outsourcing team

Game Development Outsourcing team

Who Makes Video Games in Stan's Assets from KAPPS

Today the outsourcing game development process became simpler and more cost-effective. Yet, looking for game development team is quite a challenge. Stan’s Assets team offers a range of services, from improving the idea to placing fully developed products in stores. It gives a possibility to realize the idea of creating a game with reasonable prices and less stress. 

Stan’s Assets from KAPPS brought together the team of best game developers in the field. Apart from Unity game development, our employees are qualified in C# that guarantees solutions flexibility and more fundamental skills. Stan’s Assets team has all the requisite experience to elaborate the app’s structure, apply patterns, and select the relevant architecture based on the project’s requirements.

Considering game development cycle, our team is experienced in most Unity-related technologies, whether it is graphics, mobile-related development, or else:

  • Blendshapes, VFX Graph, mage Effects, PostProcessing Stack, Shading (Phong, Lambert, Flat), Frame/Scriptable Render Pipeline, etc.;
  • Third-party solutions (InApps, Firebase SDK, AdMob, Facebook SDK); iOS Native Development (XCode, Swift, Objective-C); Android native development (Android Studio, Java, Kotlin); Deployment (App Store, Play Store); CD /CI, etc.;
  • Network/Multiplayer/Physics/Threading: REST, HTTP, Darkrift; Unity Network/Photon Cloud, Playfab; UniRX, .Net.Reactive; ECS/DOTS.

Game Development Technologies

Unity game development

The Unity game engine is the most popular tool for developing games. Unity allows you to create games of all possible types.
– mobile, desktop, and for video game consoles;
– 2D- and 3D games;
– classic games or VR/AR ones.

Our Unity developers participate in all stages of the game development cycle: creation, testing, refinement, support, updating, and modification. The work does not stop at the release of the game — the product needs to be tested regularly to make it suitable for the new OS versions and new equipment. We also need to monitor user complaints and quickly fix bugs, release game additions and modifications.

We create games with multiplayer, ranking system, and monetization features. In case of need, we apply DOTS, ECS, Shader Graph, and UI Elements technologies.

AR games

Augmented Reality should be seen as one of the most exciting technological advances of recent years.

This industry continues to grow, earning points and popularity among gamers. AR is used with PCs through smartphones, with VR/AR headsets, consoles and wearables — smart watches or Google Glass
AR games provide a unique perspective for the gamer.

They maneuver spaces within the real world and make the object of the game applicable to real life situations. We can give you a possibility to play table hockey on the kitchen table from any angle or participate in some puzzles composed with obstacles in the backyard.


Stages of Outsourcing Game Creation

Game development cycle is a complex and multi-stage process. Our team assists the clients on each stage
Stage 01
We estimate the project in general and make task decomposition by splitting requirements for subsequent iterations. When planning, we don’t need to spend time splitting, and the team can focus on priorities, discussing dependencies and nuances of implementing requirements. Here we also perform red zone management to predict and eliminate possible risks.
Stage 02
The next step is creating the project’s milestones, planning development stages, and defining the points when the product may be suitable for testing. After we do some work in this direction, we proceed to the next step — prototyping. At this stage, our team creates the project’s prototype with varying degrees of fidelity to embody the primary concepts and test the product. This step is vital for refining and validating the project. We can also provide R&D prototypes in case the clients need them.
Stage 03
Before the release, we apply the Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework to make sure the project is scalable and extensible. At the final release stage, we present the fully ready product to the client.
What we do as part of Game Development Outsourcing

Stan’s Assets from KAPPS guarantees a flexible approach to outsourcing. We can work autonomously or as a part of the client’s development or art team, in case they have one.

Along with it, we can bear managing responsibilities, in case of need, while collaborating with another dev or art team.

Finally, all the work on the project can be done in-house. We also consult our clients on a  better tech stack and features for the project they want to create and help them to make a decision.

Why to Choose Our Games Development Company

Everything is under control

When the clients find a game dev team, they know that the company will keep them informed of the process. We will take care of everything from setting deadlines to getting the results of development. In the case of direct hiring, the client also has the opportunity to evaluate progress, but everything will have to be done on its own.

Having outsourced the game development process, there is a better chance to complete the project on time. The planning, in this case, is smoother. Besides, if there is a need to increase engineering capabilities during the project, we will cope with this quickly, involving as many developers as possible.

Packed Team

Our team knows the strengths and experience of employees, so it’s simpler to distribute the tasks according to these points to get the best result. Stan’s Assets from KAPPS is packed with developers, game designers, testers, and other IT specialists with the necessary skills that have been proven in work. Since our games development company specializes in game dev and similar projects, we have a mutual understanding between team members. The absence of organizational and communication problems is necessary for timely project completion and effective cooperation.

In the case of a direct game developer seeking, it will take some time to establish communication between team members. Besides, the employer will have to evaluate each developer personally.

Expert level in everything

Stan’s Assets from KAPPS is equipped with the software and hardware necessary for guaranteeing the full game development circle. For example, to develop a game for iPhone or iPad, you will have to write code only on Apple Inc devices.

Hiring our games development company, the client receives extensive technical capabilities and skills. Experienced developers know how to eliminate common errors and implement proven effective solutions. To avoid the additional costs associated with further maintenance and bug fixing, you can simply give your project for outsourcing.

Pains and gains

The clients will avoid the stress accompanying the business organization procedure. They will not spend money and time to find coders and designers for hire. Stan’s Assets from KAPPS guarantees:

  • the project completed in a due time with no extra costs outside the budget;
  • the full game development cycle and maximum support and transparency on each stage;
  • the team of qualified developers who write clean code that any developer can work with afterward.

Everything that our customers need to do is focus on the product and let us do the rest!

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