Join the Team

Join the Team

Working at Stan’s Assets from KAPPS

Stan’s Assets from KAPPS is unlike an ordinary game studio offering jobs in game development. We put a lot into our work. What is more, we focus on culture and engagement.

Our solutions speak for ourselves, making the life of developers easier and saving their time. 

Our Values

Innovation, quality, and efficiency are at the core of the packages and architecture we produce. They reflect our culture. How? All of us believe that creativity fuels innovation while entrepreneurship ignites growth.

Stan’s Assets team knows there are other things in our lives except for game development. For that reason, we foster healthy relationships, work-life balance, and sustainability.

If you are searching for game developers jobs and share our vision, we would be glad to see you apply for the developer vacancy at Stan’s Assets.

Why You Will Love It

What is in it for you? New skills, supportive community, and great opportunities.

Our core team consists of experienced developers, who are professionals and dream workers. Thus, you are to work with pros transforming ideas into unique projects for such software companies as Moon Studios and One Signal.

Besides, we love independence and choose the projects to work on, focusing on values, interests and roles. Our favorite game dev projects relate to Unity packages, graphics support, and VR spaces. That’s why Stan’s Assets offers remote developers jobs as well.

Be sure, joining our team is about looking at the world of game and software development with creativity, enthusiasm and passion. 

Stan’s Assets is waiting for you!

Current openings

Unity Developer:

We do projects using Unity C# as a primary language. Sometimes, they involve native applications for iOS (Swift) or Android (Kotlin). For most of them, we apply CD/CI flow backed by GitHub Actions. Using this approach for builds testing and assembling (we utilize Unity Cloud Build as well) adds to the development process.

Our Git Branching Strategy, Code Convention Unity C# and Conventional Commits:
For back-end development, we employ “ready-to-go services” (Google Cloud, Firebase, Azure, AWS, etc.) and custom servers if necessary for the project.

For internal communication, our team utilizes Slack, Google Meet. We apply stand-up meetings to distribute day/spring/MS tasks, follow-up and analyze the projects’ progress.

The functions of Unity Developer are to:
  • Communicate with the design team to discuss game ideas;
  • Ensure product development and improvement (introduction of new features and mechanics);
  • Convert design ideas into functional games;
  • Identify and correct code errors and bottlenecks of the game;
  • Test the functionality of the game;
  • Develop and create game patches and upgrades.
Professional requirements:
  • 3+ years of experience as Unity Developer (we are also open for less experienced candidates who are highly motivated and ready to learn specialists);
  • Deep understanding of Unity game development process;
  • Experience with AR/VR; 
  • 3+ years of experience with game physics;
  • 3+ years of experience with mobile and console game development;
  • 3+ years of experience in optimizing memory and space usage;
  • Experience with scripting, textures, animation, GUI styles, and user session management;
  • Constantly learn and follow evolving game standards.
Desired qualifications:
  • Experience in custom editors implementation;
  • Experience with Oculus Quest;
  • Experience in the gaming industry;
  • Experience in developing applications for the mobile OS (Android, iOS).
Preferred soft skills:
  • Responsibility;
  • Sociability;
  • Working autonomously and independently;
  • Stress resistance;
  • Honesty;
  • Openness;
  • Learnability.

Team size and the structure: The size of our company is 15 people and you can communicate directly with any team member.

What we offer:
  • Three months probation period;
  • Flexible working hours agreed with the lead;
  • Saturday, Sunday and banking days are days off;
  • Paid overtimes. (We value work-life balance. Yet, overtime can happen. If there is such a necessity, we pay extra for overwork (x1.5). Extra hours usually agreed with the lead beforehand);
  • The work is entirely remote.