3D Modeling services

3D Modeling services

3D Art Production

3D modeling is used almost everywhere, so it’s one of the most demanded IT outsourcing services. Using advanced technologies, our engineers create projects with great attention to detail and high-resolution textures. It gives you the most realistic models that you can insert into your projects instantly. Stan’s Assets carries out a full cycle of work. Our team will create a drawing and then turn the 2D sketch into a 3D model. We elaborate on technical assignments and design the object of any difficulty level with perfect detail.

2D Art Production

To make gigh-quality 2D art production we invole a meticulous and creative process that requires skilled artists and designers we have. It involves the use of advanced software and tools to create stunning visuals that capture the essence of a brand or concept. The resulting artwork should be visually appealing, consistent, and able to convey the desired message to the target audience.




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