We’re creating stunning looking interiors for VR/AR projects. Intreior creation includes full pipeline – from design development, to full set up scene in Unity or Unreal Engine with lights and materials. Scenes are optimized to work on all popular VR devices.

Interest in VR and AR technologies is growing every day, and the technologies themselves are becoming more accessible.

One of the most popular areas is the creation of an interior in virtual reality, which allows users to move around, interact with objects and other users, and so on. Even big players like Facebook are betting on the creation of virtual spaces.

Our experts will help you develop a unique design and implement it in any modern engine that supports VR technology.

Art creation process

  • Model, texture, render in 3d program
  • Optimization for VR
  • Scene transfer
  • Set up in game engine

Tools and software

We are using different tools and techniques to optimize and improve the result. Here’s the list of main software we are working with:


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