Realistic and PBR

We love designing and modelling hard surface. Our artists creates amazing robots, vehicles and industrial enviroments. This models includes PBR materials made in Substance Painter and optimized for Unity and Unreal Engine.

Modern technologies allow us to create models and renders indistinguishable from real photos. This approach is actively used to create product designs, advertising, realistic games and other. It also requires a high level of skill and a good understanding of material and lighting physics. Therefore, specialists in this field are valuable and in demand.

Our experience allows us to create ultra-realistic models for rendering, as well as optimized mid-poly models with a full set of PBR textures.

Designs are made in Maya from scratch by using an open subdivision method so it is easy to implement correction if it’s needed.

For baking perfect Normal and Ambient Occlusion maps, we are using Marmoset toolbag. This program gives us flexibility for editing already baked maps and saving it in High End quality.

For the high detail and hyper realistic PBR textures we are using Substance painter.

Keyshot – is one of the most famous software for visualization objects. This program helps us to achieve fantastic looking objects with proper lights and photorealistic materials.

Art creation process

  • Concept
  • High and Low poly 3D model
  • UV and Baking maps (Normal, AO, etc.)
  • Texturing
  • Rendering/Set up model & textures in game engine

Tools and software

We are using different tools and techniques to optimize and improve the result. Here’s the list of main software we are working with:


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